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艺术家 Julio Lucas 写实素描人物肖像作品欣赏

美国艺术家 Julio Lucas 的一组写实素描人物头像作品。艺术就是这么美妙,只要你手里有支铅笔就可以画出令人震惊的东西, Julio Lucas 笔下的美国队长、绿巨人和刚刚陨落的美国喜剧巨星罗宾·麦罗林·威廉姆斯(Robin McLaurim Williams.


American artist Julio Lucas set realistic sketch portraits works. Art is so wonderful, as long as your hands are pencil can draw a shocking thing, Julio Lucas described by Captain America , Hulk and just fall in American comedy superstar Mailuo Lin Robin Williams (Robin McLaurim Williams).



1. Why is it called the ice cream?

Delicious ice cream, but can not eat too fast, bite the head pain, slowly will become the mouth of the delicious taste. This is like the attitude towards life, or design, must not be too impatient to learn the taste of life getting better to get more fresh inspiration.

2. The site content and substance?

Mainly to share design ideas and inspiration for the purpose of reading materials. Designed in a way to increase reading and use our interactive design experience together to bring a better life. Provide users with high-quality creative design and reader information, covering several aspects of industrial design, interior design, graphic design, home decoration and visual and creative presentations and recommend outstanding creative work abroad, winning, so that every day there are things to watch fresh every day.

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