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Strategic Visioning, Creative Leadership & Impactful Design Aesthetics

Versatile Expertise: Bridging the Gap Between People, Brands, and Storytelling.

Welcome 👋🏽 I am Julio Lucas, a seasoned brand strategist and creative leader with over 20 years of experience in the industry. I have contributed to the growth of renowned global brands. My journey through this ever-evolving landscape has deepened my understanding of the industry and fueled my passion for it. I specialize in analyzing and resolving brand challenges, creating engaging, innovative solutions.

Driven to help companies enhance their brand image and storytelling, I embrace emerging technologies and understand human behavior to develop effective brand strategies. My career has been marked by leading and nurturing diverse global teams to produce award-winning, customer-centric solutions. My work ethic combines the reliability of traditional methods with the flexibility of modern, interactive approaches, all aimed at creating lasting positive impacts.

A concise showcase of art, design, and strategic creative direction within solo and collaborative projects.

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Beyond my roles in strategic business leadership and mentorship, my deepest passion lies in engaging directly with the creative process. This passion for creativity extends to my personal interests, where I embrace diverse disciplines like design, interactive communications, art, writing, sculpting and photography, each reflecting my commitment to exploring all facets of artistic expression.

My artistic journey is profoundly personal, where writing and drawing are not just hobbies but essential tools for expressing my deepest thoughts, visions, and narratives. These artistic practices breathe life into my ideas, offering a hands-on approach that unveils the richness of my imagination. My creative endeavors know no bounds, spanning from traditional art forms to innovative web development and interactive solutions. Even my festive pumpkin carvings during the holidays reflect my diverse skillset, underscoring my limitless creativity and adaptability in various artistic mediums.

As I navigate the dynamic fields of 3D animation, Augmented Reality, and Artificial Intelligence, I am constantly expanding the horizons of my creativity, enriching both my personal projects and the businesses I collaborate with. This journey is one of constant exploration and learning, driven by an insatiable curiosity for the ever-evolving world of creativity.

The joy of creation is limitless, and I wholeheartedly embrace this era of endless possibilities. Each day is an opportunity to expand my creative skills, a journey that continues to inspire and fulfill me on a profound level.

I had the privilege of working with Julio at IMPLUS for just under 2-years. At IMPLUS, I was responsible for a portfolio of consumer brands and Julio was my counterpart leading the Creative & Content department.

Julio's arrival at IMPLUS was like a "breath of fresh air." He was enthusiastic, thoughtful, intelligent, and immensely talented. He took the time to listen & learn about the DNA & strategic direction of our brands and then worked quickly to develop plans to amplify that vision through emotion-evoking creative.
Julio is incredibly curious, which drives him to stay on-top of industry trends & emerging tech platforms. He is an award-winning artist, but also very business-savvy, a combination of talents that allows him to deliver beautiful Creative that is commercially viable.

As a leader, Julio is adept at digesting Executive direction and socializing that to his team in a way that helps his direct reports connect their contribution to the larger organizational mission. He is incredibly skilled at communicating up, down, and across the organization.

A tireless worker & accountable teammate, Julio is willing to do whatever it takes to deliver incredible work (often in the face of unrealistic deadlines).
Perhaps the best thing about Julio is that despite being an incredible professional, he is an even more amazing human being. Any organization should jump at the opportunity to have this tremendous individual join their team.

Chuck Rodrigues

I have had the absolute pleasure of collaborating with Julio Lucas at two distinguished companies, Johnson Outdoors and Implus LLC. Over my extensive career, which includes attending four design schools, interning at a marketing agency, and leading numerous design teams, I can confidently assert that Julio stands out as the most multi-talented and hard-working creative director/executive I have ever had the opportunity to work with.

Regardless of the project at hand, whether it involves graphics for advertisements, social media, websites, or the conceptualization and storyboarding of sizzle videos and on-location filming/photography, Julio consistently proves himself to be an unrivaled source of creativity and reliability. He possesses an innate ability to grasp the big picture—the vision of the company and the overarching brand strategy—while also delving deeply into the objectives of each campaign or initiative. This unique insight enables him to produce design work that is not only remarkably imaginative but also closely aligned with the business objectives, all the while maintaining an acute focus on even the most intricate details.

Beyond his remarkable skills, Julio's warm and composed personality, coupled with his exceptional communication skills, enables him to earn the respect of top-level management and serves as an inspiration to both his peers and his team members. It is both a pleasure and an honor to wholeheartedly recommend Julio to any company in search of a world-class creative leader. His remarkable talents and unwavering commitment to excellence make him an invaluable asset to any organization.

David Yachi

Julio is an multi-talented all-around Creative powerhouse. He has exceptional range and capability across any medium, any brand, any marketing effort.
We worked together at Implus, where he was Creative Director for 18 brands and my primary creative partner for the Fitness brands. I relied on Julio for creative collaboration and guidance for brand positioning, visual identity, photo & video shoots, copy, campaigns and more.

Julio uplevels creative conversations to reveal new possibilities and exciting ways to execute. He’s a tremendous collaborator, willing to “go there” on wild & crazy ideas. He’s also a master of refinement from concept to finished work.
If you’re lucky enough to work with Julio, you’re quite lucky indeed.

Sierra Cook

Julio Lucas is an indescribably talented marketing professional. From creative design, to campaign management, and strategic planning he excels at everything he does. His leadership style is one that breeds success. I would recommend Julio for his character alone, however his work ethic and deliverables never cease to impress. He is a valuable asset to any team that he joins.

Taylor Kulik

Julio is a very creative and talented individual. He has implemented our virtual learning platform successfully. He has developed our corporate university website using the latest technology and assuring that it is professional looking and user friendly. He is also knowledgeable about Information Technology and how to maximize its use.

Debra French

Julio Lucas is probably one of the most creative people I've ever worked with. His web work was unsurpassed in design and he would not accept anything less than perfect! He was always a pleasure to work with and if a client wanted a change, very accepting to making that change.

I've recommended Julio to several clients who have always been more than happy with his work.

Linda McKnight

I cannot recommend Julio and his work highly enough. Julio would truly be a valuable and prized asset to any organization. I personally utilize Julio's skills and talents for my own company. I also had the pleasure to work with Julio for quite some time at Clear Channel. I cannot speak highly enough about Julio, both professionally and personally. Julio's creative talents are simply unmatched. His diligence and work ethic are amazing. Julio's attention to detail as well as his ability to think outside of the box to solve our clients issues were truly an asset to our entire cluster.

Julio also has unbelievable enthusiasm and excitement in tackling new projects. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Julio Lucas: creative, polished, articulate, bright and adaptive (are just a few of the words, that come to mind). Julio is simply a pleasure to work with and to know.

Maverick Johnson
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2020-2024 Award Showcase:

and growing.

Recent International and National Awards in Advertising, Marketing, and Photography amidst decades of achievement.

Recent Select Awards & Achievements:

The years indicated correspond to when the respective awards were conferred.


Published in Best Of The Best Photographers Book 2024

  • In the categories of Travel and Landscape

2023 One Eyeland Photographer of the Year

  • 2nd Place in the United States

2023 One Eyeland Photography Awards

  • Won 11 Photography Awards

Winner at the 17th Annual International Color Awards

  • Honorable Mention – Photojournalism | Endurance in Ice
  • Honorable Mention – Wildlife | Amongst Sea Turtles – Aqua Ballet
  • Nominee – Architecture | Urban Gradient
  • Nominee – Children of the World | Little Wanderer in a Desert Super Bloom
  • Nominee – Fine Art | Fly me to the moon.
  • Nominee – Nature | Super Bloom Wanderer
  • Nominee – People | Patagonian Explorer
  • Nominee – Sport | Hot Air Balloon Skies
  • Nominee – Wildlife | Gentle Giant’s Bow

Won 5 2023 World’s Top 10 Landscape Photographers Awards

  • Finalist – Underwater: Become one with the fish
  • Finalist – Seas / Oceans: Become one with the fish
  • Finalist – Lakes: Follow the Double Rainbow.
  • Finalist – Sky: Follow the Double Rainbow.
  • Finalist – Sky: Fly me to the moon!

Won 4 2023 World’s Top 10 Travel Photographers Awards

  • Finalist – WILDLIFE: Majestic Blue Whale Under Grey Skies
  • Finalist – OTHER: Witnessing what once was.
  • Finalist – B&W: Into the Deep of the Pacific
  • Finalist – ARCHITECTURE: Pier’s Endless Horizon


Published in Best Of The Best Photographers Book 2023

  • In the categories of Travel and Landscape

Published in the 2023 International Color Awards

  • International Color Photographer of the Year – Vol 1 & Vol 2

Krav Maga Recognition

  • West Coast Krav Maga Student Recognition – October 2023

2022 One-Eyeland Amateur  Photographer Awards

  • Place 2nd in the United States

2022 One-Eyeland 2022 United States Top-10 Photographers

  • Ranked 4th in the United States

Won 4 2022 World’s Top 10 Travel Photographers Awards

  • Bronze – ARCHITECTURE: Seaside Hotel Under The Stars
  • Bronze – B&W: Seaside Hotel Under The Stars
  • Bronze – LANDSCAPES: Seaside Hotel Under The Stars
  • Finalist – PEOPLE: Below An Algal Bloom

2022 One Eyeland Photography Awards

One Eyeland recently revealed the recipients of its highly-regarded 2022 One Eyeland Photography Awards. The competition, which received thousands of entries from 54 countries and was judged by a panel of 29 renowned artists, identified outstanding images through a rigorous selection process.

  • Bronze – ARCHITECTURE: Cityscapes
  • Bronze – EDITORIAL: Travel
  • Bronze – SPECIAL: Night Photography
  • Bronze – NATURE: Underwater
  • Finalist – FINE ART: Landscape
  • Finalist – NATURE: Landscapes
  • Finalist – NATURE: Other
  • Finalist – EDITORIAL: Travel
  • Finalist –  FINE ART: Landscape
  • Finalist – NATURE: Landscapes
  • Finalist – EDITORIAL: Travel
  • Finalist – NATURE: Landscapes
  • Finalist – PEOPLE: Lifestyle

2022 World’s Top 10 Landscape Photographers Awards

  • Silver – Underwater: (Amongst Sea Turtles)
  • Bronze – Seas / Oceans: (Amongst Sea Turtles)
  • Bronze – Other: (Amongst Sea Turtles)
  • Finalist – Underwater: (Exploring New Depths)
  • Finalist –  Seas / Oceans: (Exploring New Depths)
  • Finalist – Other: (Exploring New Depths)

 16th Annual International Color Awards

The competition received a total of 6,573 entries from participants in 72 countries, spanning across 37 different categories.

  • 6 Nominee Awards
    • Children of the World – In Love with Fall
    • Nature with Morning Light
    • Nature with Colorado Skies
    • Silhouette with Last Light
    • Sport with Algae Bloom
    • Sport with Dive-In


Published in 2022 Best of the Best Photography International Annual Book

  • Ranked 16th Globally

American Advertising Federation – 2022 Market Addy Awards

  • Silver – Category: Online/Interactive Campaign
    • Entry Title: Spenco Propel Campaign
  • Silver – Category: Art Direction Campaign
    • Entry Title: Spenco Propel Campaign
  • Silver – Category: Integrated Advertising Campaign
    • Entry Title: Spenco Propel Campaign
  • Silver – Category: Animation, Special Effects or Motion Graphics
    • Entry Title: Spenco Performance Propel Campaign
  • Silver –  Category: Internet Commercial
    • Entry Title: Work For It!
  • Silver – Category: Online/Interactive Campaign
    • Entry Title: SKLZ – Work For It – Campaign
  • Silver – Category: Internet Commercial Campaign
    • Entry Title: Work For It!
  • Bronze – Category: Art Direction Campaign
    • Entry Title: SKLZ – Work For It – Campaign
  • Bronze – Category: Video Editing
    • Entry Title: Spenco Propel + Carbon Campaign
  • Bronze – Category: Film/Video/Sound Branded Content
    • Entry Title: Spenco Performance Propel Campaign
  • Bronze – Category: Internet Commercial
    • Entry Title: Spenco Propel + Carbon Campaign
  • Bronze – Category: Animation, Special Effects or Motion Graphics
    • Entry Title: Spenco Propel + Carbon Campaign
  • Bronze – Category: Internet Commercial Campaign
    • Entry Title: Spenco Performance Propel Campaign

2022 17th annual Black & White Spider Awards Photoshow

  • Nominated in 2 categories
  • Awarded in 1

15th Annual International Color Awards 2022 – 5 Awards

  • Awarded in Americana
  • Awarded in Architecture
  • Awarded in Sport
  • Awarded in Nature


2021 One-Eyeland Photography Awards

  • Awarded
  • Finalist
  • Finalist

2021 World’s Top 10 Landscape Photographers Award

  • Bronze – Panorama – (Become one with our oceans)
  • Finalist – Mountains – (Layers of Nature)

Published in 2021 Best of the Best Photography International Annual Book

  • Ranked 34th Globally

2021 MPA

  • Honorable Mention
  • Honorable Mention
  • Honorable Mention


One Eyeland Awards 

  • Bronze – Nature – Underwater
  • Finalist – Editorial – Travel
  • Finalist – Editorial – Travel

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