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This years magazine cover (front and back) features a pencil drawing created by Julio Lucas from the U.S.A.

What is Lories? The Loeries are a year-round focus on creative inspiration – helping marketers, agencies and consumers appreciate the value of ideas and fresh thinking, and showcasing the value that creativity adds to our brands and our economy. Our continent’s Creative Economy is a world-class service and has great potential to grow, offering employment not only to those in the brand communication industry, but to many thousands of related service providers. The growth occurring throughout Africa is very exciting, and a major focus of the Loeries is to increase the participation of brands and agencies throughout the continent.

“Loeries Africa” is growing each year to become the single measure of excellence in brand communication throughout our region.

The Loerie Awards Company is a not-for-profit association – which means that all our funds serve one purpose – building the Creative Economy. Our annual programme is a vehicle to promote the region, with all that it offers – to showcase not only our industry, but also our brands and the quality of our services.

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