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by Yoni Heisler  @edibleapple | Jun 11th 2014 at 9:00AM

Though the camera found on the original iPhone was nothing to write home about, subsequent updates have made it capable of taking breathtaking photos. So much so that there’s even an annual iPhone photography competition which showcases some of the most jaw dropping, beautiful, and inspiring iPhone photos you’ll ever see.

Appropriately dubbed the iPhone Photography Awards (IPPA), the contest’s 2014 winners were announced yesterday. The winning photos, as you might expect, are rather spectacular across the board. This year’s awards covered several categories, including animals, architecture, nature, news, still life, food, and others.

The overall winning photo across every category (viewable above), was shot by Julio Lucas of Bradenton, Florida who detailed a bit of his shooting philosophy on the IPPA website.

I enjoy taken photos with my iPhone due its portability and ease of use while on the move. iPhone’s naturally tend to saturate colors in the captured image. Which depending on the enviromental lighting, the saturation of colors normally allows for a bold beautiful image. I generally try to stay away from using filters in my iPhone pictures. I want my photos to take on a more traditional form and grant the capture moment to tell the story rather then a manipulation of the moment by use of to many filters.

The site notes that photo submissions this year came from 70 different countries. Take a moment to explore the IPPA site and enjoy the breadth and quality of all the great iPhone photographers from around the globe.


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