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Some of my drawings were recently published in the Migrate Magazine’s “SURPRISE” – ISSUE 20. Migrate, the official art annual magazine of The Loerie Awards, it’s the primary source of inspiration to all creative minds involved in brand communication – Advertising, Design, Architecture & Interior Design and Experiential Media. The magazine is based in South Africa and is distributed throughout South Africa and Europe.

Loerie’s featured artists from around the world and to my surprise used my graphite pencil drawing of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as the cover artwork (both front and back)… wow! They also featured 3 more of my drawings through the magazine. This opportunity is huge for me because they’ve basically positioned my artwork on a global scale and showcased it to professionals throughout South Africa and Europe’s creative industry.

I want to give a special thank you to Roanna Williams the Creative Director at Joe Public and Migrate Magazine for extending this opportunity me.

This is what the wrote Migrate Magazine wrote about my contribution: “Julio Lucas, our uber talented cover artist, is a self-taught illustrator born in Puerto Rico and currently resides in Sarasota, Florida. He enjoys using graphite pencils to produce his artwork. To him, a graphite pencil is the most basic underestimated tool in art. For many artists a pencil is just used as a tool to sketch out a drawing or outline a painting. He see’s a graphite pencil more as an artist’s magic wand. If the artist is willing to put in the time, learn the craft and remain patient a graphite pencil can offer an artist endless opportunities to achieve anything from a simple doodle to a hyper-realistic drawing. Julio feels he still has a lot to learn when it comes to drawing with his pencil set, but with each drawing he feels like he is getting a little closer to his goal of being a Graphite Pencil Artist.”

My mind is blown 🙂

About the Migrate “SURPRISE” – ISSUE 20:

What makes a surprise so special is that it catches you unawares. Like a stealth fighter – surprise strikes suddenly, leaving you astonished, perhaps filled with wonder. A surprise must come without warning. It is mercenary, with no allegiance to good or bad, big or small. An unannounced assault on your senses.

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